I used CEO-HEALTH services and the experience was gratifying all the way through. Dr Gerard Lalande’s meticulous preparation led the way to a tailored medical approach, carried by Bangkok’s most prominent medical specialists in their respective disciplines. At last, but not least, the schedule was articulated to match my own agenda

Frederic Etienbled

Program and Schedule

The CEO-HEALTH program is sent to you after receiving your medical questionnaire. Please refer to the heading “How to Apply”.

The program is organized either in 2 half-day consecutive sessions (from 8:30 to 13:00) or in one single day (~ 8 hour-program).

Upon arriving at the hospital, you are welcomed by your private nurse, who will introduce you to the English-speaking physician coordinator.

This physician coordinates your program from beginning to end, assisted by the private nurse who accompanies you to your pre-scheduled consultations and tests.

The first morning consists of a comprehensive physical check-up and a thorough cardiovascular examination by a cardiologist. The second (half-day) session involves a lineup of visits to an ophthalmologist, an ENT specialist, a urologist for men or a gynecologist for women.

At the end of the two-day tests, the physician coordinator explains the results to you and, if needed, recommends proper lifestyle adaptation or treatment.

In case more tests are needed, or if further medical treatment is required, Dr Gerard Lalande from CEO-HEALTH will assist you in establishing direct contact with the most qualified Asian specialists in their respective fields or their European counterparts.

Below are examples of

The standard program outline for male

Program Male

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The standard program outline for female

Program Female

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The main investigations performed


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